Jitterbit: Field Verification

Before loading data using Jitterbit, we will have to go through a process of mapping spreadsheet fields to fields in Salesforce, Jitterbit will do validation on each of the mapped fields.


After mapping, Jitterbit will use colour to differentiate the result of the validation.

  • Green: Mapping is valid
  • Yellow: Jitterbit is not sure if the mapping is valid, but will attempt to transform the mapping.
  • Red: The Mapping is invalid or has an error.


mapping Jitterbit


The example above shows a situation that happens quite often, especially when number or currency field is mapped.


How to fix this?

Simply double click on the field, put in a declaration whether the field belongs to which type. ie: Double(Field_Name) or Int(Field_Name).
Usually, Jitterbit will still run even though there is unsure mapping, but to play safe, it is better for us to declare and make all mapping is as ‘Green’ as possible.

For more information on Jitterbit wizard, click here.