JobReady Tips: Creating Events

In the JobReady(JR) web service, the event resource object is exposed so that events can be created under a course or within a system timetable. To fulfil the criteria of a successful event creation, the following fields are mandatory:

  • title
  • event-date
  • start-time
  • end-time


Besides the field criteria, there is also a behavioural criteria to be met if a trainer needs to be associated with the event. For example, the following request schema would produce an error.


Request Profile:

  Sample Description


Error Response:


Validation failure
Please ensure the event's trainer is also an attendee.


In order to overcome the above error, the sequence of steps to follow are:

  1. create the JR event without the trainer association
  2. create the JR invitee within the event created in #1 for the trainer (uses party-identifier for the party(person))
  3. update the JR event from #1 with the trainer (uses party-identifier for the party(person))