Login to Salesforce using your LDAP or Active Directory credentials.

Ever thought of how you can achieve the following:

  • Login to Salesforce with your LDAP or Active Directory credentials?
  • share the same login credentials with all your SaaS applications?
  • have the flexibility to provision/de-provision users?


With Ping Identity, all this is possible. You can configure your LDAP or Active Directory as the identity store and your users can authenticate using their credentials in your company directory.


Besides Salesforce, PingIdentity’s PingConnect and PingFederate can authenticate to more than 60 SaaS applications.  Anything that’s SAML capable will work with PingConnect.  If the app isn’t SAML capable, no problem, just use PingFederate.


Another interesting feature that makes Ping Identity the unique player in the market is the user provisioning feature.  You can easily activate or deactivate a user in just a few clicks.


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