Maintain your Salesforce Certification for Free

Salesforce Certification is very important for moving forward with your career in Salesforce. Achieving these goals can become costly over time, which is why it is so exciting to hear that Salesforce Certification Maintenance exams are going to be free of charge from Summer ’18 (June AEST) onward. Which is certainly great news for Salesforce certified professionals. Salesforce is expecting to provide the Salesforce maintenance exams within Trailhead platform.


What to expect with Summer’ 18 (Starting June AEST) Certification changes:

  1. Administrator, Platform App Builder, and Platform Developer I Salesforce Certifications will be available on Trailhead.
  2. The maintenance exams will be free of charge on Trailhead.
  3. Other maintenance exams will still remain in Webassessor but will migrate to Trailhead by the end of January 2019.
  4. Administrator, Platform App Builder, and Platform Developer I maintenance exams need to be completed within one release cycle. For example, the Summer ’18 release maintenance exams launching on Trailhead will be due by the end of the Summer ’18 release cycle (i.e. Before the launch of the Winter ’19 release). Visit Salesforce release schedule page for exact dates.


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Don’t know if you need to do any maintenance exams? You can simply request a list of maintenance exams by filling Credential Status Request.

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