Manage attendance rates with RIO Education for Salesforce SIS

In some Education organisations, there is a requirement for students to maintain a minimum percentage or satisfactory attendance in all their sessions/classes throughout their course of study. Failure to meet the attendance requirement may result in numerous outcomes, including failing a course etc.  Managing and recording this can be time-consuming.

RIO Education offers a standard feature that enables attendance % requirement to be set against sessions and classes. This requirement works as a checkpoint for the completion of each unit/subject enrollments.


For example, even if a student manages to score well in a subject, they may still “fail” if they have an unsatisfactory attendance % or are below the attendance % requirement set.


Like most of the features in RIO Education, this can be turned off if not required.


Attendance Requirement for a Session

User can define the minimum percentage of attendance required to complete the unit/subject.


Student Attendance Summary

The summary of student attendance is where both the attendance and excuse counts are rolled up and calculated against the number of sessions set in the Session record (as shown above).


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