Managing Higher Education and Vocational Students in your Salesforce SIS

In Australia, most education institutions offer Vocational Education & Training (VET) or Higher Education (HE). Some institutions may offer both as part of the course stream for their students. For the institutions offering both streams, it’s difficult to find a system that caters to both requirements. These areas include:

  1. Reporting
    – Reporting format needs to be based on the governing body that they are submitting to
  2. Grading and assessment process
    – VET qualifications use competency-based assessment
    – Higher Education qualifications use a grading approach to assessments


Our Salesforce Student Information System, RIO Education allows users to manage both.

Below are examples of Reporting and Assessments in RIO Education.


Automated Reporting Export (VET)



Automated Reporting Export (HE)



Assessment – competency and grading based



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