Marking Attendance at Your Fingertips within Salesforce SIS

Currently taking attendance the old-fashioned way?
With the available technologies of today – your lecturers, tutors or trainers can easily take attendances without the worry of an attendance sheet. They can even use their mobile devices to log in and start taking attendance. Once done, just submit the attendances for processing.
How is this possible within Salesforce SIS?
Easily! Using RIO Education’s Faculty community lecturers, tutors or trainers can log in and take student attendances based on classes/session they teach.
The attendance component is easy to use and only requires the user to set the following:
  • Attended (✔) – User can specify the time of student clocking-in and clocking-out.
  • Did Not Attend (✖)
  • Excused (E) – User can specify the excuse for being absent

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