Meet The Team – Jimmi

Jimmi’s Chinese name is “Chee Ming”. When Jimmi joined our team at WDCi in 2013, we gave him the nickname Jimmi, which has stuck ever since. Jimmi comes from a small family of 4 he has one brother. As a kid, Jimmi, was never a big fan of books as he preferred to be creative with Lego. This interest from his childhood has grown and developed as he grew older with building and collecting Legos being a passion he is also keenly interested in cycling with his buddies and sharing an interest in cars. One interesting fact you may not guess is he grew up with the dream and ambition of becoming a Pharmacist. When Jimmi reached University, his heart took him down a different path and graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science.  The pursuit towards wanting to help solve people’s needs medically has found it’s conclusion in designing and implementing best in class IT solutions,  helping people with functional needs.


In 2014 Jimmi married his sweetheart and in 2016 he was promoted to the Fatherhood role. His son seems to have picked up his father’s gene by developing an interest in toy cars. I hope Jimmi will learn to share his legos with his son when he gets older.


Favourite quote?

Respect is Earned, Not Given