Meet the Team – Pasan

This one is all about Pasan. Pasan was the middle child born in Sri Lanka. Ever since childhood he’s loved automating things and always had the dream of becoming a computer programmer. He started off by creating simple computer games to media players using Visual Basic in 2003 to a FoxPro developer to joining our WDCi team as a Technical Consultant. Pasan previous employment was as an SAP Technical Consultant. Pasan enjoys expanding and sharpening his skills and expertise with on the job experience.


What you probably don’t know about Pasan is that he enjoys walking or riding to work more than he does driving. When he isn’t being a whiz in Trailhead, Pasan enjoys growing plants at home, watching his favourite television series Breaking Bad. As well as a love for Traveling, Meditation and lending a helping hand to charities.  


Favorite Quote:

Work daily towards what you want to be!