Meet The Team – Vin

Vin joined our Kuala Lumpur team in March 2017 as a Salesforce Specialist. Vin comes from a family of 5 with one younger and one older sister. He grew up in a small village that was surrounded by jungle. The jungle is where Vin spent most of his time, picking fruit and exploring with friends. This is a feeling that has stuck with Vin all his life and is the reason for his closeness and love of nature.


How did Vin get into Information Technology? His father brought him a computer at the age of 13 and that is the moment that changed everything. It’s what drove Vin to study an IT course at University and to graduate with a Bachelor of Software Engineering.


Before joining our team, Vin was working abroad in New Zealand. Vin used that rare opportunity to travel New Zealand and experience life as a local. Upon his return to Malaysia, the challenge of changing a career called and Vin decided to leave Telecommunications behind for Cloud Solutions.  


Favourite quote?

Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today, but eventually.