Meet The Team – Carter

Since 2016, Carter has worked at WDCi as a Technical Consultant. Living the closest to the Sunshine Coast office, he walks there each day through rain or shine. He prefers shine.

Carter’s known to waste many weekends at home playing video games, but he goes outside occasionally to check the mail, or uh… bring back the mail. Did I mention he walks to work?
He plays tennis and volleyball, but only at night so he reeeeally doesn’t get much sun.

What Carter doesn’t know about cars, or celebrities, or modern day music, or olden days music, or just music in general, he makes up for in… Uh… Um……

Well, I’m sure he makes up for it somehow.

(Carter thinks he’s funny, we just don’t have the heart to correct him.)


Favourite quote:

Yes, great idea. But could we, like, not do that?