Meet The Team – Tony Cheah

Meet Tony! Tony has been a part of our team since 2011 and is an Integration Consultant in Kuala Lumpur. Besides being a whiz when it comes to Integration, Tony is also inspired to create a positive and healthy environment for his family and colleagues. What helps Tony have a balance between work and social are his hobbies and interests; which include being passionate about technology gadgets, watching movies and dramas, listening to music and being involved in sports. Tony’s favourite sports to participate in are Soccer (Football), Badminton and Basketball.


Tony is a father is two little “monsters”, 4-year-old Son and 2-year-old Daughter, who know exactly how to brighten his day. Tony hopes that if his children do turn out the way he was as a child that they play it safe and don’t turn out to rebellious… If they do, we promise to send you some help for the Teenage years Tony. 


Favourite Quote:

Whatcha doing? – Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel.