Moodle Integration: Where is the WSDL?

If you are integrating to Moodle using an integration tool like Boomi, you need to import the WSDL document in order to generate the profile automatically.


To generate WSDL, you need to have the User Token. The format should look like this:
For example: https://localhost/webservice/soap/server.php?wstoken=d40f90d0238b368fd88574fb8cbcbd88&wsdl=1


There are a few things you should take note:

  • Depending on the User Token, each user will see different list of operations.
  • The list of operations displayed in the WSDL is depending on the Functions added in the External Services page (See Site administration > Plugins > Web services).
  • If you are accessing the WSDL document from an external entity outside the network, please make sure that your firewall is configured to access incoming packet.