More MYOB integration

MYOB integration continues to be in demand.  So far we have developed 2 solutions, the first involving a Boomi Connector for MYOB, enabling integration from MYOB to just about anything using the Boomi Atmosphere platform.  The second is an open source based “canned” integration solution enabling integration from MYOB to Salesforce.


The pre-built MYOB to Salesforce solution is in direct response to the number of queries we have had about this requirement.  We have also been approached to build several more packaged solutions for MYOB using both mechanisms and we are in the process of reviewing the market potential of building out pre-built solutions from MYOB to those applications.


Our pre-built MYOB to Salesforce solution will enable the synchronisation of Salesforce Accounts/Contacts to MYOB Cards, the creation of Invoices in MYOB from Opportunities Won in Salesforce and update of Salesforce opportunities with invoice details from MYOB.


We know that getting the price right is key for the MYOB market, so we are offering an annual subscription as well as a perpetual price for the solution.  We’d like a few more beta clients for our pre-built solution, so if you are interested to test out the MYOB to Salesforce integration, contact us for some more details and we’ll set you up with a trial and when we release the product, we’ll let you have it for free.