Multilingual Application Form in RIO Education for Salesforce

In more recent years, education providers are starting to recruit international students. The reason is to promote diversity, enrich the educational experience and enhance social development.

Besides that, there are also providers that offer language programs. This gives students across the globe the opportunity to learn many different languages in different parts of the world.

But as it goes, this is easier said than done. There are many areas that need to be considered. The student applications can be complicated – not only for providers but also for the students. For example, interested students may have difficulties in applying due to the complexity of the application process. So, what is being done to introduce a smoother process? Even if it’s just for a fraction of the main process?


You can start with the application forms. They are one of the earliest items that students are exposed to. If the forms are too complicated to understand, they’ll become an unnecessary hurdle for applicants. Complications can arise due to language and/or questions used in the application form given to students. To provide a better student experience, simplify the application forms by introducing easy to understand questions – try conveying them in different language options.


Provide multiple language options in the application forms – this way applicants are able to choose their preferred languages and continue applying with ease.





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