Netsuite Integration Tips: Troubleshooting errors

Netsuite has a feature called the Web Services Usage Log, this is useful for troubleshooting issues for an integration between Netsuite and other applications. Using this feature, you can view the incoming web services requests received by Netsuite and also the response returned by Netsuite.


The Web Services Usage Log can be accessed under the top menu panel: Setup > Integration > Web Services Usage Log



Here, we have an example of how to troubleshoot the error when a Customer record has failed to be created into Netsuite from another application:

1. Once clicked on the Web Services Usage Log, we can see a list of jobs (each job represents the incoming request sent to Netsuite). The last request that was sent to Netsuite is the one that attempted to create a Customer record. The Status of this job has failed.




2. We can view the request sent to Netsuite. Here is a screenshot of the request:



3. Let’s view the response returned by Netsuite for this job. Inside this response, we can then see the Error Code and Error Message explaining why Netsuite failed to create this Customer record.



Note: Some error messages returned are usually stated as Unknown Error, this type of error doesn’t give us clue and unfortunately will require further detailed troubleshooting to find out the cause.