Online Accreditation for your Faculty Staff with RIO Education

Transform into a paperless institution with RIO Education.


Allow students the ability to apply for their courses online and eliminate paper. You’ll even have the ability to give accreditation and promotions to staff without the need for hard copies!


Whilst incorporating Salesforce’s standard functions, RIO Education can transform your staff accreditation/promotion flow into an electronic form.


And here are some highlight:

  • With the online form available, staff can apply for an accreditation/promotion and supply any electronic document anytime anywhere (even when they are on vacation!)
  • There is no limitation to what type of accreditation the staff can apply for per session. For example, staff can apply for any type of accreditation plus position promotion as well
  • Different types of accreditation or promotions can be assigned to different reviewer simultaneously. There is no need to wait for one to approve then another
  • An Email or Salesforce notification will be sent to a different reviewer. This is how they will be notified to reject/approve an application
  • Conga compliments RIO Education. It allows Salesforce users to generate soft-copy of approval letters.


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