Opportunity to provide feedback on TCSI Reporting Requirements

As part of the TCSI project, HEIMS are reviewing the reporting requirements for data collection starting in 2020.  They are currently seeking feedback from Higher Education (HE) and VET (Vocational Education and Training) Providers on:

  • Scope and Structure Requirements per data packet
  • Data Framework
  • Data Element Specifications
  • Timing Requirements


If you aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, check out our TCSI Blogs to learn more!  WDCi have been actively participating in the TCSI project to ensure RIO Education is compatible with the upcoming TCSI reporting options.


What can I do?

As a HE or VSL (VET) Provider, you can provide feedback on:

  • What Data is collected; including formatting requirements
  • When the Data is collected; such as before Census Date, or after Enrolment Open Date
  • How the Data Specifications are documented and communicated; to identify potential issues and improve usability


How do I give my feedback?

You can view the 2020 Reporting Requirements and feedback request at the 2020 Ministerial & Secretary’s Notices. Remember that all feedback MUST be submitted to the HEIMS Team before Wednesday 06 March 2019.