Oracle RightNow CX Object relationships explained

Understanding object relationships and the data model in RightNow is helpful when it comes to RightNow integration. Object relationship enables you to implement your business complexity in RightNow by relating standard objects with any customers that are required for your business.


When integrating with RightNow, understanding the object relationships is beneficial when designing the integration process such as determining the parent and child relationship as well as the logic to handle any deleting of records.


Why bother about object deletion? The behaviour of record deletion is dependent on the type of relationship used.


In RightNow, the following three relationships are emphasized:-

  1. Aggregation
  2. Association
  3. Self-referencing


Some further details The following section further defines the relationships and it’s possible use case which you can use as a reference on how to build a data model which suits your needs in RightNow.



This type of relationship is used when you want objects to be tightly related with one another where the child objects will be deleted along when the parent object is deleted.


Scenario: When you have bug/incident records that is a tie to certain product range in your business, you may not want to keep the related bug/incident records anymore in your RightNow system when the product is no longer available or obsoleted. In this case, you can utilize the aggregation relationship to link a custom bug or standard incident object as the child to the sales product or a custom product object which you implemented. Once, the product is deleted, the child records will be deleted as well.




Consider using this when you want the objects to link/reference with one another but not tightly related. This relationship will not delete the child object automatically when the parent object is deleted.


Scenario: When you have bug records that is linked/related to an incident raised by your customer. You only want the bug to link or reference with the incident raised instead of strongly tying the bug with the incident so that when the incident is deleted, the bug record is still available in your system for others to reference. To achieve this, you can utilize the association relationship to link up the child custom bug object and the standard incident object in RightNow.




This relationship applies only when you have objects that utilized the association relationships and can be configured by linking the child and parent object of itself.


Scenario: You may have an umbrella or a pool of related bug/incident being tracked in your system. You would want the bug/incident to reference one another under a parent bug/incident which has been raised on the same topic. In this case, the child and parent objects would be the custom bug or standard incident object itself.


Hope this gives you some idea on how should you customize your RightNow instance to suits your business needs as well as some consideration when integrating your RightNow and other applications. For more information related to custom objects and defining relationships, please see the RightNow CX User’s Guide.