Parature Integration Tip: Field Dependency

Let me share with you about what I have learned in Parature Integration.

Parature offers a great feature that allows you to define field dependency. You can control the visibility of the options based on the controlling custom field.

For example, Operating System is the controlling custom field and Operating System Type is the depending custom field:

  • If you choose Windows, you can only see XP and Vista
  • If you choose Linux, you can only see Redhat and Ubuntu



This is the document returned from Parature API.



  • Custom field 21 is depending on custom field 20
  • If option 1 (Windows) is selected, enable custom field 21 and its options (10 & 11)
  • If option 2 (Linux) is selected, enable custom field 21 and its options (12 & 13)

If you want to integrate Parature with other systems, all these dependencies may give you a headache. You may try this parameter enforceRequiredFields=false to bypass this constraint.