WeDid: Salesforce Partner Community For Mentoring Program


Mentoring program widely connects the community of people to different organisations including the non-profit organisations. Salesforce is a common tool for many organisations setting up the mentoring program for the purpose of:

  1. the mentors to introduce mentees into a program
  2. creation of job and course placements
  3. search of job and course placements
  4. strengthen the community from different locations
  5. collaboration among the mentors and mentees



  • Partner community has been enabled to allow mentor/mentee to collaborate
  • Mentor shares opportunities via chatter
  • Data model design to track records for: mentor, mentee, course and job placement, pathway
  • Mentors to match track record of the mentees’ pathway to the appropriate placement
  • Configure records for restricted accessibility


Related Objects Account, Contact, Opportunity, Custom Object
  • Partner community
  • Chatter
  • Data model design
Complexity Medium