Populate Additional Info to Activity

In Salesforce, if a user creates a task or an event from a lead or a contact, only the phone number of the lead / contact will be populated over (Figure 1).



But, at times we need more information to be populated over instead of the phone number only as certain additional information may be deemed useful and relevant when scheduling appointments with leads and contacts in Salesforce.

This is also a plus point feature for the other invitees of the event who needs to view the additional information without having to navigate to the related lead or contact records.

Unfortunately, you can not achieve this additional field population function by using the Salesforce standard formula fields or workflows. Formulas and workflows do not work with the WhoId and WhatId in Activity.



In Salesforce Activity object:

  1. Create the relevant fields for the data population.
  2. Develop a trigger to populate the additional information from leads/contacts to tasks or events. Ensure that the fields are matched correctly for the data population

For more information on the technical specs, check out our newly published case here.