Prepare Yourselves…TCSI is coming!!

Calling all Australian Education Providers!

Did you know the TCSI Team gave a great update to many Education Providers this week?  Were you one of the Providers on the call?

In a recent TCSI Education Provider survey, over 60% of Education Providers said they’re Intended Development Approach would be handled by their SMS provider.  Will you be ready?


If you aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, check out our TCSI Blogs to learn more!  WDCi have been actively participating in the TCSI project to ensure RIO Education is compatible with the upcoming TCSI reporting requirements.


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

The key message from this webinar was to Be Prepared.  Some of the upcoming key dates are:

  • 05 April 2019 – Testing Window 2 finishes. With a focus on HE and VET Student Data, and VET Courses, Campuses, and Units of Study
  • October/November 2019 – Soft Launch for selected vendors to start using TCSI for data submission
  • December 2019 – Expected TCSI Reporting launch to all providers
  • 31 May 2020 – Expected final cut off date for reporting via HEPCAT


Afraid you are going to miss out on future webinars? We recommend following the HEIMS TCSI page to register and subscribe to the newsletters.


What is WDCi doing to be TCSI ready?

The TCSI deadline is fast approaching and we have been busy testing and updating our RIO Education. If you’re interested in finding out more about RIO Education, give us a call today!


We will continue working with the HEIMS team on exciting new changes to Education Provider reporting. Keep up to date with our TCSI Blogs.