Preparing for TCSI Testing

TCSI Testing – Round 1 Preparation

We’re currently preparing to participate in the first round of testing with the HEIMS team. We’re excited to take our RIO Education Student Management system (SMS) for a test drive through this new reporting environment.

What preparations are we making?

To take part in the TCSI testing, we have to:

  • Register for a testing PRODA Account. This is the Provider Digital Access resource that links with the Department of Human Services
  • Join the TCSI Developers Group on Govdex, which is an Australian Government communication and collaboration platform
  • Review latest Data Framework changes to ensure RIO Education is compliant with reporting requirements
  • Allocate WDCi team resource to take part in this first testing window (between 10-24 December 2018).


Moving forward

Stay tuned – we’ll keep you updated on our progress as we work with HEIMS towards the new and exciting B2G reporting.


If you need any additional information, here are some helpful links: