QuickBooks Integration Part 2: Getting the Related Transactions

When integrating QuickBooks data to another application, syncing the accurate and relevant transaction information over to the destination application is very useful.


The easiest and simple way is to sync the specific transaction and its details. However, have ever you wonder if you want to get the other transaction details that are related to this transaction? And how can you get these details synced over whenever you create a transaction?


Lets have an example to explain the above situation.

  • An accountant has just created a Sales Order in QuickBooks.
  • Then, she converted this Sales Order into an Invoice.
  • After that, she wants to sync this Invoice to another application
  • So, this Invoice is being synced to the destination but the user wants to get more information about this Invoice, for example:

– Is the Invoice converted from Sales Order?

– Does this Invoice have any related invoice from the same Sales Order?


All these can be done with some tweaks in an integration process. Basically, what you have to do is to set the parameters when doing a request call for Invoice.


Here are the parameters that can be enabled to display/filter out the elements of the Invoice:



Let’s say we have an Invoice that is converted from a Sales Order, so when we query out this Invoice,  we would like to know which Sales Order that this Invoice is converted from. We can set the parameter above (selected with red colour box), ‘IncludeLinkedTxns’ = true.



As we can see here, this is part of the Invoice response XML which we can get the Sales Order useful information from the Invoice.