RightNow ROQL: Custom Field structure and format in Feb’12 API

In the latest RightNow API (February 2012 and May 2012 release), one of the important changes we need to be aware of is the structure of the custom field and the query format in ROQL.


In the older API version, all custom field API name has a prefix of “c$”. e.g, c$mycustomfield. You can query the custom field data out by using the following ROQL:
Select ID, c$mycustomfield FROM Contact;
In the latest release, RightNow has structured the custom field by grouping them under the same Parent element called CustomFields. We can have better control and visibility to custom field in an object when constructing a SOAP request envelope for CRUD operation. Below is how a custom field looks like in ROQL and the SOAP response:
Select ID, Contact.CustomFields.c.mycustomfield FROM Contact;
                                             This is value for customfield


If you would like to learn more about this, you can always download the sample client from RightNow.