RIO DriveSuccess really does Drive Success!!

We have a spread out team,  different offices, countries, job types and interests.  The challenge for us is motivating and including our entire staff towards our company Goals.  Having worked with different incentive schemes and challenges in various roles and companies, it’s easy to identify what motivates teams and what doesn’t.


Simplicity is key.

If a challenge is too complicated, people tend to tune out. What will tune staff back in is something simple to understand and complete. RIO DriveSuccess (RDS) makes it simple to identify what actions achieve points, so you can adjust the criteria to suit your business goals and targets.


Focus on the results. 

A good challenge should be visual. Why? So you can celebrate your successes and be motivated to conquer the other challengers! RDS eliminates constant notifications and pop-up notifications with the use of a “Hall of Fame” displaying every team members results and progress. It also displays endorsements and points that have been awarded meaning management can see what items are attracting action from staff.


What can RDS do for me?

The first challenge I participated in using RDS:

  • Helped me to achieve more than I thought was possible
  • Fostered teamwork, regardless of my colleagues’ location or role
  • Encouraged me to buy into the company vision
  • Gave me confidence, as it made me feel like my contribution was worthwhile, even as a new employee
  • Motivated our team to try something new (such as completing work we normally wouldn’t undertake in our roles)
  • Motivated me to succeed both individually and in a team


Help encourage great behaviour with your team today. Check out our RIO DriveSuccess AppExchange listing to find out how you can achieve your goals and motivate your team.