RIO Education 2.5 Release Notes

What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.5

  • Support for Majors and Minors (Program Disciplines)
  • Streamlined creation of new faculty Course/Session Connections
  • Session scheduled hours and attended hours tracking



  • Student Community’s My Program enrollment wizard has been reworked
  • Decoupled Session selection from Course/Unit selection in enrollment wizard
  • Campus filter added for Student Community Course selection
  • PE Pathway’s Terms are automatically populated
  • Course Connection Requirements can now be unset automatically
  • Automatic Student Community username generation
  • Ability to mark Course Connections as completed automatically when results are released
  • Customiseable status logic for Program Applications
  • Improved payment redirection URL
  • Introduced new Student Fee display name
  • Due Date for Student Fee Payment
  • Program Enrollment withdrawal automation
  • Updated Session faculty status when changing Course Offering’s primary faculty
  • Default Program Application process enhancement
  • Profile specific function and permission adjustments
  • Added validation rule for Program Plan Term dates
  • Added help text for most commonly used fields
  • Introduced a callable method to generate trigger handlers


Bug Fixes

  • Related Course Connections are now removed if a Program Enrollment is deleted
  • Withdrawing from Courses before the Census date now removes the unnecessary Fee Lines
  • Added the missing “Less than half-time” status in Program Pathway
  • Fixed hard-coded default status “Draft” in program application that was causing issues
  • Fixed Lightning Path for Program Application not showing
  • Fixed faculty permission set missing permissions
  • Fixed Fee Schedule spelling error
  • Fixed Session name too long error
  • Fixed faculty Contact required email error not showing
  • Fixed bulk session update error: Apex CPU time limit exceeded
  • Fixed issue when changing primary faculty on Course Offering
  • Fixed Course Offering not linking to the right Plan record
  • Fixed Session’s Booking Issues field resetting
  • Fixed Program Application error messages cutting off before showing full error
  • Fixed Student Community: Session Instructions not showing