RIO Education: Harness your data with Einstein Analytics

In our previous blog, we explored how RIO Education benefits and improves productivity for Higher Education Providers.

We know that change can be scary. We know that you might be comfortable using 3 separate systems to get the job done. But did you know that you can do it all in one system? By using RIO Education for Salesforce, you have the ability to save time and be confident that your data is always correct. How? With RIO Education Salesforce Einstein Analytics.
How does Salesforce Einstein Analytics work? Using Salesforce API, you can gather relevant information from your separate systems. Once the information is collected, you’ll have complete visibility with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. This allows Administrative teams to focus on relevant information and important data. You’ll have the ability to log in from any device, anywhere. RIO Education Analytics gives you the ability to analyse, track and gain insights into all data for RIO Education.

Become a connected campus today with RIO Education.