Saasu Integration : Generate Invoice Number

When we build an integration with Saasu, you may need to create Invoice/PurchaseOrder. How do you generate the correct Invoice/Purchase Order Number? There are two ways of achieving this:


Method  1: Use Auto Number

Instead of putting the invoiceNumber manually, you can let Saasu decide the latest invoiceNumber. This behaviour is applicable to Purchase Order too. Your request will look like this:


      <Auto Number>


By using this feature, you should not create duplicate Invoice/Purchase Order.


Method 2: Maintain unique Invoice/PurchaseOrder number in another system

This scenario is applicable if you are integrating Saasu with another system. For example: If you are integrating Saasu with Salesforce, you can use Salesforce Auto-Number custom field to generate the Invoice/PurchaseOrder number. Salesforce will take the responsibility of maintaining the unique Invoice/PurchaseOrder number.