Salesforce: Adding New Campaign Member Status


Why are we not able to insert new values to the Campaign Member status field via the Administrator Setup screen just like any other normal picklist field?

Campaign status picklists


This is because the status field picklist value is stored in a standard object called CampaignMemberStatus and it is campaign specific (this means that each Campaign record will have their own specific status picklist value).

How to add new status value?

1. View the Campaign record.
2. Click on the ‘Advanced Setup’ button.
3. Edit the Status or click ‘Add More’ for new status.

Data model relationship:
Campaign status relationship


Insert values using data loader:

Yes, you can use data loader to insert new records into the CampaignMemberStatus object. Note that you will need to include CampaignId field is populated because each status will need to be to related to one Campaign.


How to automate this:

You can try to search for any 3rd party app in AppExchange to automate the process.