WeDid: Salesforce and Communities

Do you want to set up an environment which enables your customers to self-serve themselves? Giving them the ability to check details (relevant to them), communicate with your internal users and post questions or raise support tickets?  Salesforce provides an excellent solution called Salesforce Communities.  Salesforce users who have implemented communities have greatly improved their customer service experiences addressing key needs in both communication and support.

We have assisted our clients to set up numerous Communities – not only from the standard setup side of things but also custom solutions and workarounds.


Areas we have covered:

  • Standard styling to meet client’s corporate styling – fonts and colours.
  • Custom styling – to handle refined styling which is not available in Salesforce.
  • Custom Community pages
  • Custom Component – to handle Contact details page that displays the logged in user’s Contact record.
  • Custom sharing rules – change existing data model to handle customers’ accessibilities on certain objects

Apart from that above, we have also handled some migration work to update existing records so that these records are carefully shared based on sharing sets.


As expected this resulted in:

  • The communities were set up in Salesforce which blended in with their corporate website – for a look and feel
  • Customers were able to view records relevant to them. (and from a security perspective – only them)
  • Customers are able to communicate (and collaborate) with the internal users through Chatter posts