Salesforce and JobReady Integration

JobReady is one of the well-known Student Management System in the cloud to many RTO (Registered Training Organisation). You can manage the student’s contact and employer information as well as the courses the student is enrolled in. In some organization, contacts/accounts are managed in a separate system (i.e. Salesforce) instead.
This may lead to duplicating the Admin’s work to manage the student contacts and employer information in both systems (i.e. in JobReady and Salesforce). To practice a more productive working environment, these systems should be seen as one and the contacts/ account information can be established with one another in the following flow scenario:-
  • Salesforce Account > JobReady Party (Employer)
  • Salesforce Student Contact > JobReady Party (Person)


To have more automation, it should also synchronize any closed won opportunities to student’s course enrollment information in the target system and as such:-

  • Salesforce Opportunities/Custom Object > JobReady Student


If this is what you are looking for, you may be interested to find out more about our Salesforce and JobReady integration work on our website. Let us know if the example helps or if you have an additional requirement which we may be able to help you further?