WeDid: Salesforce and Micronet Integration


The customer is a coffee roasting company who also sell different types of coffee making equipment to their customers across Australia. Currently, they are using Micronet system to track their customers and the equipment that the customers have purchased.
Now, they have purchased Salesforce and they would like to have the existing customers and equipment data that they have in Micronet to be populated into Salesforce automatically for reporting purposes. This also allows their Coffee Support Manager to have better accessibility where they can access all this information through smartphone and tablet when they are visiting their customers.


Purpose Daily data update from Micronet into Salesforce to ensure that the data in Salesforce is up-to-date.
Applications Salesforce
Tool Talend
Information Customer data
Equipment data
Customer Payment data
Data Formats CSV and Micronet ODBC
Volumes ~500/day
Schedule Real-time/Hourly/Daily
Complexity Low