Salesforce and Multiple Saasu Company Files Integration

We have recently implemented a customised solution for Salesforce to Saasu integration. This solution does not limit to just single currency or company file as it allows integration between Salesforce and multiple Saasu company files.


When there are transactions coming in from different regions many customers will naturally:

  • track SF transactions by enabling multi-currency
  • use different Saasu company files with multi-currency to track respective sales


Below is a good illustration of the above scenario:


In the given scenario, it raises a dilemma on knowing which transaction shall be synced to a certain company file. Customers may also have preferences in wanting to have transactions created into the company file based on the set of given contacts as Saasu is a contact based application. To overcome the dilemma, we have extended the scope to:

  1. firstly identify the SF contact that will be associated with the respective company file
  2. associate the SF contact with the company file id
  3. ensure the integration will sync the transactions based on the establishment of Step 2


For more technical details, please refer to a case newly published here.