Salesforce as a Project & Time Management System

Salesforce has the flexibility to be extended to provide additional features that are not available out of the box. One of the features we required is to use Salesforce as a project time management and project time tracking system.


Rather than reinventing the wheel, we decided to check if there was an app on the Appexchange that would meet the requirement. In this case, we have found an app with the following capability that complements the current Salesforce system with:

  • A custom project object that will capture closed won opportunities
  • The project has the ability for milestones and tasks can be created against it


What we needed in addition to the above is the ability to:

  • track billable time logged against the tasks
  • track non-billable time logged against the tasks
  • track the overall estimated time vs total time logged for the milestone/project


To achieve this, we have installed the app and customised Salesforce Sales Cloud to achieve the features above. For more technical information on the implementation, please check out our newly published case here.