Salesforce as a Subscription Billing System Part 2

We talked about how Salesforce can turn into a Subscription Billing System in our previous blog post and illustrate how a standard full month subscription item can be recorded automatically.


Apart from handling the standard full month subscription, it should be capable to handle pro-rata scenario too. This is important as not every subscription starts from the first of every month and customer should be credited appropriately.


Imagine that a customer subscribes to your services/products in the middle of the month (i.e. 13th Mar 2013). The first month should really be charged from 13th until 31st Mar instead of the full month. And so the final month of the subscription that the customer too should be charged accordingly.


To find out in more details on how can the pro-rata scenario can be handled in Salesforce, feel free to check out our recently published case and contact us for more information.