Salesforce as a Subscription Billing System

Salesforce is not just a powerful CRM tool but it can be extended to meet your business requirement too. One example is to turn your Salesforce instance into a subscription billing system.


Being a subscription business model company, it is ideal to track customer information and all the subscription deals in one place. Most importantly, to have the system being able to track each billing schedule automatically without the hassle to manually create each billing item based on the subscription package the customer subscribed to.


Imagine that you will have to manually create 6 billing items for a 6 months subscription package for the hundreds or thousands of customers signed? Life would be much easier if in one place you can track your customer information and closed deals (opportunities) as well as tracking the schedule billing records, for example:-

The Subscription Product A for the customer has the following details:
Subscription Start Date: 1st Mar 2013
Subscription period: 6 months
Subscription End Date; 31st Aug 2013
Total Subscription Price: $6,000


In this case, the following billing items will automatically be created:
Billing #1 = Period: 1st Mar – 31st Mar 2013; Bill Date: 1st Apr 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #2 = Period: 1st Apr – 30th Apr 2013; Bill Date: 1st May 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #3 = Period: 1st May – 31st May 2013; Bill Date: 1st Jun 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #4 = Period: 1st Jun – 30th Jun 2013; Bill Date: 1st Jul 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #5 = Period: 1st Jul – 31st Jul 2013; Bill Date: 1st Aug 2013; Amount: $1,000
Billing #6 = Period: 1st Aug – 31st Aug 2013; Bill Date: 1st Sep 2013; Amount: $1,000


If you are interested to learn more about how you can implement your subscription model business with Salesforce, check out our recent addition of the case here and contact us for details.