Salesforce: Assign Lead to a Group (Queue)

Salesforce allows you to customise the Lead Assignment Rules. You can route the lead to different sales person based on different criteria. For example, It could be based on the Country field. To share workload more effectively, Salesforce allows you to assign a lead to a group. In Salesforce, this is called a Queue.


To create a Queue, you need to:

  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Queues.
  2. Select the Supported Objects. Not all objects supports Queue. See the list below for more information:
    • Lead
    • Case
    • Knowledge Article Version
    • Service contract
    • Custom Objects
  3. Add Queue Members into the Queue


This Queue functionality is not available in Opportunity object. When you convert a Lead that is assigned to a Queue, you will need to select a designated Owner.