WeDid: Salesforce Automated Billing Engine


This company sells electricity. Every day, each customer consumption will be sent to an FTP server. The usage information will be copied into Salesforce. By end of the month, this information will be captured into Saasu. Saasu will then send customer bill by post or email.

If all of the following steps are executed manually, it is prone to human mistake and it is very time-consuming.


  1. Analyse the data format for customer consumption
  2. Design/create an integration Job that extracts daily customer consumption into Salesforce
  3. Design/develop Salesforce to capture daily/month billing information
  4. At the end of every month, another integration job will search and group data and integrate them into Saasu


Related Objects Account, Contact, Invoice/Usage (custom object)
Components Apex class
Apex trigger
Talend integration
Data model design
Complexity High