WeDid: Salesforce Customised Business Workflow


The company is a property buyers group whereby they help their customers to identify the suitable properties to purchase. They also help the customer to manage the property buying process from the very beginning until the end. Due to the complexity of the property buying process, the company wants to have a system that can drive through the steps and captured all the required information involved in the process.



Designed a new data model in Salesforce to capture the property buying process and information:
1. Create a custom object to track the workflow involves and information that need to be captured.
2. Create a workflow wizard by using VisualForce page which will guide user through the workflow configured in the custom object above and capture information into the CPP and LMP Opportunity, Loan Application (custom object), Property Settlement (custom object), and Property (custom object)


Related Objects Person Account, Opportunity, Custom Objects
Components Apex Class, Apex Trigger, VisualForce Page, Data Model Design, Workflow Rules
Complexity High