Salesforce Data Loader: SKYVVA Integration Suite Starter Edition

Following on from an earlier blog evaluating the new Jitterbit Data Loader, we thought we’d take a look at another tool available.  The SKYVVA Integration Suite Starter Edition is a free data loader for Salesforce, let’s us take a look at this tool and compare it to the Salesforce Data Loader.


Here are the highlights of this tool:

  • SKYVVA Integration Suite is installed into the Salesforce instance as an app which means that we can use the tool just by logging into the Salesforce instance.
  • The input data can be either in XML or CSV format.
  • Paid versions have the ability to use SQL statements to query records from database (configuration needs to be done to achieve this).
  • Operation types included are: Insert. Update and Upsert
  • Transformation formula which allows values/fields can be manipulated before they are imported to Salesforce (ex. generate Salesforce address field from separate fields like street, city, and etc.).
  • We can also import parent-child relationship records (ex. Account and Contact) at one time by using the Chained Interfaces.
  • We can monitor the status of the data load and also result of all the records after the load.
  • Besides performing the data load manually, you can schedule the data load to run automatically.
    • You can even trigger the data load to run automatically by sending the data file in email.
    • Scheduler and email triggered data load are only available in paid version.


In summary, SKYVVA Integration Suite provides a number of good features to handle some of the complicated scenarios that usually occur in a data load, like data transformation and importing parent-child relationships records. Here’s a quick comparison to the Salesforce Data Loader: