Salesforce Duplicate Management

Duplicate Management Overview:

Duplicate Management is a new Salesforce feature that helps you to maintain cleaner data by preventing Salesforce users from creating duplicated data. See Salesforce overview documentation.


Objects available for this feature:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Custom Object


The key component of search logic:

  • Duplicate Rules – Define when a duplicate record can be saved/created.
  • Matching Rules – Define what can be used to identify a duplicate record. ie: Email field.
  • Duplicate Record Sets – A list of duplicated records saved in a new Salesforce Object. This will work only if you have checked the ‘Report’ checkbox in defining the Duplicate Rules.
  • Duplicate Error Logs – This is to track any error during record matching.

For more information, see this documentation.



If you ever wonder why the duplicate error did not kick in when you have made changes to a duplicated record, the reason is probably that the changes made are not against the field(s) that is used in the duplicate check rule.

To test it out, you can try below:

  1. Created 2x lead records with the same email address
    • Lead 1 –
    • Lead 2-
  2. Create a duplicate matching rule (e.g, exact match) that listen on email address field in Lead object
  3. Enabled the rule on creating and edit action


Results on Create:

Salesforce will display an error when a new lead created with email =


Results on Edit:

Salesforce will skip the duplicate check when the existing Lead 1 was updated WITHOUT changing the email field information (which is currently duplicates of Lead 2). Error will only prompt if a Lead email is changed from to

To know more about this feature, please see