Salesforce Dynamic Form Population

Use case:

One of the daunting task for the sales reps in Company B is to manually fill up application forms for their clients nearly every day.

This situation gets more tasking when sales reps have to fill up the same details of the same clients (e.g. name, date of birth, address) repeatedly for every new service engagements.

Certain information is filled in different sections and columns of the application form depending on the type of services that their clients are engaging to (Table 1).

The initial solution is to use a template generator to pull out the data from their Salesforce instance and generate electronic forms.

The client details are already in Salesforce. However, the complexity is noticeable when these details are segregated and stored in different objects.

 Service Type  Section 1  Section 2  Section 3
 Service 1  
 Service 2  
 Service 3  
 Service 4  
Table 1


  1. Install template generator. Create a button to generate an electronic application form from the targeted object (e.g. opportunity).
  2. Create fields in the targeted object similar to the ones in manual application form.
  3. Create a trigger to get and populate all the relevant client details from different objects into the respective fields created.
  4. Map these fields into the template generator. The template generator will get the values from the fields and display them in the electronic application form (pdf, word doc, etc).

The trigger created will have the capability to find and map data based on the service type that the user selected in the targeted object.

For more information on the technical specs, check out our new published case here.