Salesforce Tips: Email signatures with graphics and URLs

If you want to send emails from within Salesforce, you’ll most likely want to setup an email signature that contains graphics and URLs.


Here’s an example of how to achieve this.


Upload your graphics to a Salesforce Document and make them public, you’ll need your URL and Organisation ID described in this blog.
Configure your settings and add your email signature: Username > Setup > Email > My Email Settings, here you configure the following:


In this example, we are going to build a Salesforce signature that closely matches an existing Outlook signature. ┬áHere’s an example of the current Outlook signature:


In order to replicate this look, we need to use HTML in the Salesforce email signature.

Here is an HTML email signature in Salesforce:


My Name
<a href=””>SALESFORCE</a> | <a href=””>DATA MIGRATION</a>| <a href=””>INTEGRATION</a> | <a href=””>SINGLE SIGN-ON</a>
WDCi Group | <a href=””></a> | <a href=””></a>
M: +61-123-456-789 | P: +61-7-5641-4546 | F: +61-2-8004-8171 | USA: +1-415-992-7883 | Skype: myskypename
<img src=””/>


So, when I go to Send Email from within Salesforce, it will look like the following:

My email recipient will see the signature in their incoming email, it will look like this:

Good luck setting up your Salesforce email signature.