Salesforce: Forecast Data Model

This article will give you a rough idea of the big picture of how Forecast data model looks like.


forecast model

From the model above, those objects in the green box are the main object for Forecasting where those in blue box are objects that is working in the back end of the whole process ( Only shown in query/extract function in data loader).


So what are these objects for?

Let’s start with Quota.

  • Forecasting Quota: An object which stores quota amount for all users.
  • ForecastingAdjustment: When the Forecast Adjustment function is enabled, any adjusted information from the manager will be stored here.


  • ForecastingItem: This object is used to store information related to the Forecast Category.
  • ForecastingFact: This object is useful to show Forecasting history. It stores all records including deleted ones.


In a nutshell, the data model actually shows where adjusted data is being stored at and where historical forecast data can be retrieved from. Most importantly, how they interrelate with each other.  With the understanding of this data model, it is easier for users to build report types for reporting purposes, too.