Salesforce: Forecasting & Opportunity

A forecast is somehow related to Opportunity. Here are some descriptions of their relationship:

In the Opportunity object, there is a picklist field name Forecast Category‘.


1) Assign Opportunity Stages with Forecast Category:

To define opportunity stages with forecast category, go to Setup | Customize | Opportunity | Fields | Stages )
FC category

Assign particular stage with required forecast category.

Once step #1 is done, Opportunity will appear in Forecast based on their category.

FC cat 2


2. Forecast Adjustment:

Enabling Forecast Adjustment allows Forecast users to adjust Opportunity Amount in the Forecast page view.

Only selected users as Managers can perform this action ( Setup | Customize | Forecast | Settings ).


Once enabled adjustment, selected users should be set as manager(s).


! Take note that Forecast Hierarchy somehow inherit
s the organization’s Role Hierarchy. But it will not effect the Role Hierarchy.


With this hierarchy set, Managers are able to adjust subordinate’s Forecast but NOT his / her own Forecast information.

Adjustment in Forecast applies to adjusting opportunity amount displayed in Forecast. But this does not mean that it will effect the real amount in the Opportunity.

! Adjustment is for forecasting estimation purposes only.

With Forecast Adjustment enabled, there is some symbols to represent adjusted information by either one manager or more and etc.