Salesforce Integration: Limit records synchronisation

Sometimes, when you build an integration between System A to System B, you do not want to sync all fields. For a system like Salesforce, when a field is updated, the record lastModifiedDate will be updated automatically. Usually, the integration process will pick up all the changes and process them. What if this update is not related to the field you want to synchronise? Here is a quick tip to limit the result.


For example, you only want the integration process to pick up any recent changes to the Account Name field.


1) Create a Checkbox at the Account level called “Sync me”

2) Create a workflow with the following Rule Criteria


3) The workflow action is to set the “Sync me” flag to true


You can configure the filter of your integration to pick up only “Sync me” = true and check the lastUpdatedDateTime. Just remember to uncheck it when the record is synchronised.