Salesforce: Invalid Login Attemps

If you are trying to login to Salesforce but failed after a few times, you could be temporarily locked out from Salesforce depending on how your admin sets up the security.

So what can you or your admin do to unlock you?


Option #1: Wait for it

It depends on the period of time set by the admin. The user can choose to wait for either 10 – 15 mins and try to log in again. This will not work if the admin sets the period of unblocking to ‘”Forever”. Then the user will have no choice but to get the admin to unlock the access.


Option #2: Unlock Button

You will require the help of your admin to do this. When a user is blocked, the admin can go to that particular user’s profile layout and click on the unblock button (Setup | Manage Users | Users).

If both the options above does not work, you might have to try resetting your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link in your login page.