Salesforce: Maintaining Case Creator Access After Assignment Rules


Fred is a Salesforce User. Fred goes into Salesforce and create a case and check the checkbox “Assign using active assignment rules”. Once the case is created, the assignment rules kick in and Fred (the Creator) has no longer access to this case.



When the Case sharing rules are set to private, by default, only the owner has the access to the case. If the assignment rules change owner to John. Fred will no longer have access to the case.



A simple workaround is to manually add Fred into sharing rules. If you want to automate that, you can write a trigger to do so. However, if you are referring to the execution order here:

3) Executes all before trigger.

6) Executes all after triggers.
7) Executes assignment rules.

11) If the record was updated with workflow field updates, fires before and after triggers one more time (and only one more time)…

Both before (3) and after (6) triggers execute before the assignment rules. You must run the auto-sharing trigger at step (11)